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To be White and accept consciously or unconsciously the image of God as a white male is the greatest example of  White Superiority Syndrome (WSS) conditioning that leads to white supremacist thinking and white racism;


To be Black and accept consciously or unconsciously the image of God as a white  male is a grand example of White Superiority Syndrome (WSS) conditioning that leads to self- negation and diminished  self-respect;

The Belief Factor: And the White Superiority Syndrome

How do we learn to believe that White people are “smarter,” “better,” and “more beautiful” than Black people? This book, _The Belief Factor and the White Superiority Syndrome_, explains how both Blacks and Whites acquire the White Superiority Syndrome: a belief or sense that White people are superior to Black people. This book explains how the White Superiority Syndrome is a direct fall-out of the religious icons and teachings of Christianity that place one aspect of the Deity, the God-force of life, in the form of a white male humanoid.

Interview with Dr. Melissa Caudle of www.drmelmessage.com

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The Black Clergy's Misguided Worship Leadership: Petition: No More Idol Gods for Black People

The Black Clergy’s Misguided Worship Leadership, This book is an incisive analysis showing why and how the black community’s worship of Jesus Christ, Christianity’s White male idol, is a subliminal, underlying cause of the high incarceration rates among young Black males.

The Bits and Pieces That Make Me- A Campaigner for Secular Humanism

This book is my report card on myself. I could have done many things better if I had been so inclined. Perhaps during my next eighty years, I’ll be more inclined.

Beyond White Superiority Syndrome Conditioning In America

This book is a primer to inspire and inform those persons working to change America’s political and social culture from its white supremacy conditioning posture by advancing America’s ideals of a culture that truly attempts to build a land of equal opportunity and equal justice for all Americans.

Lt. Williams On the Color Front

This novel “LT. Williams on the Color Front” harkens back to the racism and racial segregation in the U.S. Army in the early 1950s in Germany when the Army began racial desegregation efforts. Often, such efforts prompted White-against-Black face-offs or virtual white “Color Fronts” of resistance against desegregation.

The Author

Christopher C. Bell Jr. is an essayist, a poet, a lecturer on public education and race-related subjects, a Doctor of Education, and a retired U.S. Army major who served as an army lieutenant in Germany in the 1950s.  After retiring from the army, he began his civilian career and served as an education administrator and management analyst in the District of Columbia Public School System and the Federal government.

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